Welcome to the village of el Castillo. Home of Lake and Volcano Arenal


kayaks arenal lake

It is something of a paradox that the peaceful, blue waters of Lake Arenal are also a hotbed of activity. No matter what your interests, you’ll be able to indulge them here.

As the largest body of water in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is a crucial source of the country’s hydroelectricity. Its waters are home to two primary species of fish: the machaca and bass. The lake region also features a variety of birds, plants and animals. The lake is part of the Many Conservation Areas, and provides spectacular views of the nearby Arenal Volcano.

The lakefront communities offer a variety of activities, both water- and land-based. For those who want to get a little wet, there’s fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. To explore the land, you can choose from horseback riding to nature hikes.