Lake Arenal


It is something of a paradox that the peaceful, blue waters of Lake Arenal are also a hotbed of activity. No matter what your interests, you’ll be able to indulge them here.

As the largest body of water in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is a crucial source of the country’s hydroelectricity. Its waters are home to two primary species of fish: the machaca and bass. The lake region also features a variety of birds (including the quirky and colorful quetzal), plants and animals. The lake is part of the Tilaran Conservation Area, and provides spectacular views of the nearby Arenal Volcano.

The lakefront communities offer a variety of activities, both water- and land-based. For those who want to get a little wet, there’s fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. To explore the land, you can choose from horseback riding to nature hikes.